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This page describes the process of setting up access to the Luddy School printers that are part of the IU Print system. This includes all of the Ricoh and Toshiba printers in various locations within the school. You can see a complete list of printers here:

IU Print Managed Luddy School Printers

When installed per the instructions on this page, the printers will show up as IU_BW and IU_Color for black & white and color printing, respectively. When you print to these queues, you can swipe your IU Crimson Card at any printer in any Luddy School facility to release and print your job. When releasing the job on the printer, you will first see the Charge To: screen and will select IU-Print-Unified (for faculty, staff, and student employees for work-related printing) or Personal Account (for normal student printer quotas for non work-related printing), then tap to select your print jobs and then tap on Print.

Personally-Owned and Other Non-Luddy Managed Devices

You can install the IU Print BYOD Installer from IUWare for:Windows, Mac, or Linux. For more details for self-managed Linux systems, see the Linux - Self-Managed section below. For personally-owned Mac devices, see the Mac - Personally-Owned section.

If you have problems setting this up or you are not seeing your print jobs in the printer queue when you swipe your IU Crimson card, please see the Troubleshooting section below for some common problems.

Windows - Luddy School-Managed

Many of the Luddy School-Managed systems will have the proper print queues already installed. If they are already installed, they will show up as IU_Color/IU_BW(for the Toshiba and Ricoh queue) and IU_BWR/IU_ColorR (for the Ricoh only queue). If they are not already installed, then you can add them from the Applications tab in the Software Center named Unified-Print-Toshiba-Install(for the recommended combined Toshiba and Ricoh print queues) and Unified-Print-Ricoh-Install (for the old Ricoh-Only queues).

Mac OS - Luddy School-Managed

In some cases, these print queues will already be installed on Luddy School-Managed Macs. If they are not installed, then you can install them as follows:

  1. Start Self which you can find in the Finder/Applications folder. If you do not see this Self available on a Luddy School-Managed Mac, please submit a service request to report it.
  2. Start the Luddy Print: TOSHIBA BW or Luddy Print: TOSHIBA Color application, selecting either the B&W or Color version of the application, as desired. If the system has theSelf but you don't see these printer apps, that may mean they are already installed. For the alternate Ricoh-only queues, select the Student Print or Fac/Staff Print application, selecting either the B&W or Color version of the application, as desired.
  3. Once installed, the printers should show up with names like Luddy_Print_TOSHIBA_BW and Luddy_Print_TOSHIBA_Color (for the recommended combined Toshiba and Ricoh queues) or IU_Print_BW_Student or IU_Print_BW_Fac_Staff (for the Ricoh-only queues).

Linux - Luddy School-Managed

The IU Print queues are installed automatically on all of the Luddy School-managed Linux systems. The queues will show up with the names iuprint-bw and iuprint-color for the Black & White and Color queues, respectively. If you don't see these queues on any of the Luddy School-managed Linux systems, please submit a service request to report it.

Mobile Print

You can also print from various mobile devices (phones, tables, laptops) using IU Mobile Print. See the UITS KB page Use Mobile Print for details. When releasing the job on the printer, you will select Unified Print (for faculty, staff, and student employees) or My Account (for normal student printer quotas).

Linux - Self-managed

When setting up printers on linux, the process varies from distro-to-distro and you can use the installer noted above from IUWare for Linux. Or you can just set things up using ldp/lpr printing manually using the print server and queue names from the next Print Queues section. Armed with this basic information, you should be able to configure your printer. If your linux distro allows you to enter a Device URI for the printer then that will look like:

lpd:// (for the Black & White queue)
lpd:// (for the Color queue)

You MUST replace username with your IU username. You may be able to use the generic PostScript driver for these printers but we recommend that you select the closest model of Toshiba or Ricoh model for the printer you will be using. For the Toshiba printers, the e-Studio 452 is a good choice and for the Ricoh printers MP C4503 or C4504 driver is a good choice.

As an alternative to the above instructions, you should be able to cut/paste the following commands to add the printer and set things up properly. These instructions are for Ubuntu 22.04 and 20.04 but may work on other distros as well but that has not been tested. If these commands do not work for you, then please follow the above steps instead. Note that you MUST replace the username in the command with your actual IU username.

Ubuntu 20.04/22.04==================sudo lpadmin -p IU_BW -E -v lpd:// -m foomatic-db-compressed-ppds:0/ppd/foomatic-ppd/Toshiba-e-Studio_452-Postscript.ppd -o ColorModel=Graysudo lpadmin -p IU_Color -E -v lpd:// -m foomatic-db-compressed-ppds:0/ppd/foomatic-ppd/Toshiba-e-Studio_4520c-pxlcolor.ppd -o ColorModel=Colorsudo lpadmin -p IU_Color -o print-color-mode=colorsudo lpadmin -p IU_Color -o print-color-mode-default=colorsudo lpadmin -p IU_BW -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumblesudo lpadmin -p IU_Color -o Duplex=DuplexNoTumbleNOTE: You must replace the username in the above commands with your IU username

Mac OS - Personally Owned

Setting up these printers on your personally owned Mac can be done as follows:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Printers & Scanners
  2. Click+(the plus sign) to add a new printer, and in the window that opens, click theIPicon.
  3. In the "Address:" field, enter the print server You will need to replaceusernamewith your IU username.
  4. Next to "Protocol:", selectLine Printer Daemon - LPD.
  5. In the "Queue:" field enter the printer queue name asIU_BW/IU_Color(for the recommended combined Toshiba and Ricoh queues) orIU_BWR/IU_ColorR(for the Ricoh-only queues).
  6. In the "Name:" field, use the default or add a printer name of your choice
  7. In most cases, you can leave the default, "Generic PostScript Printer", in the "Use:" field.
  8. ClickAdd.
  9. When prompted, make sure the box for the Duplex printing unit is checked.

Note that access to these print servers requires you to be on the IU network. This includes the IU Secure and Eduroam wireless networks but NOT alternate wireless connections like IU Guest, PublicNet, or your cell broadband. If you are not on the IU network then you will need to switch to IU Secure or Eduroam wireless or connect to theIU VPNin order to print.

When installing printers using the instructions above, you don't have to worry about the exact printer servers and queues you are using. However, if you are manually installing printers you may need this information. There are two print queues (one Black & White and one Color) for all of the IU Print managed printers. You do not set up individual print queues for specific printers. You just print into the queue and then you can access your print job of any of the IU Print managed printers at any Luddy School location. Just scan your IU Crimson card at the printer of your choice and you should see your print jobs. You can select specific jobs to print on the LCD panel or just select print all to print all queued jobs.

IU is transitioning from the older Ricoh printers to the newer Toshiba printers and new print queues have been set up that support both makes. Refer to this table as you add printer queues per the instructions above.

Printer MakePrint ServerBlack&White QueueColor QueueUsage
Toshiba and Ricoh (Recommended) to Toshiba printers (with full driver capability) and all Ricoh printers (with limited driver capability, eg. no support for stapling, collating, etc)
Ricoh to Ricoh printers only but with full driver capability (eg. stapling, collating, etc)

In most cases, the combined Toshiba and Ricoh print queue will work fine for both printer makes. However, if you are using specific features of the Ricoh printers (such as stapling and collating) you may still need to use the Ricoh only queue for the older Ricoh printers. But, for general use printing you will probably find that the combined queue will work fine.

This section describes some common printing problems and suggested fixes.

Problem: The Ricoh printer has the red error light and isn't printing

First, push Check Status on the LCD screen to see possible errors. If the printer is out of paper, you can just add paper to clear the error. Paper is available in the 1st floor Luddy mailroom and various places in other buildings. When the error light is lit, you DO NOT want to release your jobs as they will print once the error code is cleared. So, clear the error first or submit a service request to report it if you are unable to resolve the problem yourself.

Problem: I have the print queues set up but my jobs don't appear when I swipe my IU crimson card

In order for your jobs to show up, they must be printed using the same username as your IU account. If you are using a Luddy School-managed system, you should be logging into that system with your normal IU username. However, if your personal system has a different username be sure you are specifying the proper username when you set up the printer.

Another thing that can arise is if you have changed your IU username. If you have changed your IU username then please submit a service request and we will help.

Problem: I am unable to connect to the IU print servers

The IU print servers are on a private, IU-only network. As a result, you can only reach them when you are on the IU network. This includes the IU Secure and Eduroam wireless networks but NOT alternate wireless connections like IU Guest, PublicNet, or your cell broadband. If you are not on the IU network then you will need to switch to IU Secure or Eduroam wireless or connect to the IU VPN in order to print.

Problem: My print job didn't print when I swiped my IU Crimson card but it did print later

If the red status light is on, you should not try and release your jobs. The problem is that once the error is cleared, any job you have released may then print. See the first item in this section of more information about clearing errors.

Problem: My print jobs are coming out of my IU print allotment

If you are using IU Mobile Print, then everything you print will come out of your print allotment. If you are printing to the Luddy printers and are printing for work, be sure to select Unified Print rather than My Account.

Printing To IU Print Managed Luddy School Printers - Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering KB (2024)
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