Rewards FAQ - Nancy's Pizza (2024)

How does the Nancy's Rewards Program work?

With each purchase you'll earn points that you can redeem later for rewards. You'll receive one point for every dollar you spend, rounded up or down to the nearest dollar. Gift card purchases, taxes and fees don't count towards your points. Each point gets you closer to your next reward.

How do I sign up?

You can sign-up in any of the following ways:

  • Download the Nancy's Pizza mobile app and select “Sign Up”. This is the recommended way to sign-up. You'll be eligible for a free pizza with the purchase of any appetizer if you were not a member of our previous loyalty club.
  • Go to the Nancy's online ordering page and choose the "Sign up for rewards" link at the top right of the page.
  • Go to our website portal and choose the "Sign Up" link.
How do I qualify for the free pizza sign-up offer?

You will qualify for the free pizza sign-up offer if you download and sign-up for the new Rewards program with our new mobile app. Only one sign-up per mobile device is allowed. Also, you will only qualify if you had not previously belonged to a Loyalty program at your local Nancy's. Once you receive the sign-up offer, you must purchase an appetizer to get the free small cheese thin crust pizza. The following items count as an appetizer: Breadsticks, Mozz Sticks, Garlic Bread, Meatball Trio, Loaded Fries, Wings, Boomin Rings, Brussel Sprout and Meatball Sliders. Note that some of these items may not be available at the Nancy's from which you are ordering.

Does the free pizza sign-up offer expire?

Yes, you have to redeem your free pizza with the purchase of any appetizer within 30 days.

You can order and earn points in one of the following ways:

  • If you have downloaded our mobile app, order by going to either the "Order" tab or by going to the "Stores" tab, then selecting the store you wish to order from and then selecting the "Order" button.
  • If you are calling into the store or you are ordering in the store, provide the order-taker with the phone number associated with your loyalty account.
  • Order online and sign-in with the email address associated with your loyalty account.
How are points calculated?

Points are earned based on the sub-total amount, which excludes taxes and any discounts or coupons. Points are rounded to the nearest whole dollar using standard rounding rules. For example, a sub-total amount of $20.49 will earn 20 points while a sub-total amount of $20.51 will earn 21 points.

Can I earn points when I order from UberEats, Doordash or Grubhub?

No, you will not earn points when ordering from any third-parties such as UberEats, DoorDash or GrubHub. You will only earn points for orders placed directly with Nancy's.

Are there any items that are excluded from earning points?

Gift card purchases, third-party orders, taxes and fees are excluded from earning points.

Can I earn points on catering orders?

Yes, you earn points on catering orders!

There was a problem earning points when I ordered. What should I do?

If you were informed that the loyalty system was not working properly when you ordered, or you forgot the phone number associated with your account, or there were any other problems preventing your from earning loyalty points at the time you were ordering, save your receipt. Go to the "More" tab in your app, then select the "Scan" button. From here you can either scan the barcode from your receipt using your phone, or you can enter the barcode number from your receipt in the app. If you are managing your account on our website portal, you can enter you barcode number by selecting the "Checkin" tab.

I belong to the Loyalty program at my local Nancy's. Will my points transfer?

Yes, your points will be transferred to the new Loyalty program! When signing up just be sure to use the same phone number that you used to sign up for the old Loyalty program. Different stores may have different rules about how points are transferred, so contact your local Nancy's with any questions.

What rewards can I receive?

When you accumulate enough points for a reward, the reward is unlocked and you can redeem it on your next visit. Or you can choose to earn more points and save up for a bigger reward! Here are the rewards you can receive:

  • 50 Points - Free Garlic Bread
  • 100 Points - $5 Off Any Order
  • 150 Points - Free Mixed Green or Caesar Salad
  • 300 Points - Free Large Thin Crust Cheese Pizza
  • 400 Points - Free Large Stuffed Cheese Pizza

We may also occasionally gift you special offers and give you chances to earn bonus points.

Do my rewards expire?

No! Your rewards never expire and are always available for you to use.

Do I get anything on my birthday?

Yes! If you specify your birthday when you sign-up, you will receive a free Cannoli! We will gift you this offer 5 days before your birthday and then you will be able to redeem it within 7 days.

I see that I can invite friends through the app. Do I get anything for doing this?

Yes! If your friend signs up for the Rewards Program and makes a purchase, you will receive 50 points!

Can I use multiple rewards on one order?

No, you can only redeem one reward per transaction.

Can I redeem a reward and use a coupon on the same ticket?

No, you cannot redeem a reward and use a coupon on the same ticket.

Can I earn points at one Nancy's but then redeem rewards at another Nancy's?

Yes, the Nancy's at which you earn your points does not have to be the same Nancy's at which you redeem your rewards.

Are all Nancy's participating in the Rewards Program?

You can earn points and redeem rewards at all Nancy's locations except for:

  • Nancy's Camp Creek in East Point, GA
  • Nancy's on Touhy in Niles, IL
What if I need help?

If you need help, you can either go to the "More" tab in the app and then select the "Need Help" button. From there select the "App Feedback" button and send us a message. You can also email

Rewards FAQ - Nancy's Pizza (2024)
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