Where To Get Quarters For Laundry Near Me? 11 Easy Ways To Get Quarters (2024)

Have you ever shown up to the laundromat with a bag of dirty clothes, only to realize you don’t have enough quarters to operate the machines? You frantically search your pockets and the bottom of your bag, but that last lonely quarter you find won’t cut it. And then you wonder, where to get quarters for laundry near me?

We’ve all experienced the panic that sets in when you’re stuck quarter-less at the laundromat. But don’t let finding quarters become your Achilles’ heel on laundry day!

Luckily, this article is your ultimate guide to scoring quarters for laundry so you’re never high and dry again. We’ll provide the inside scoop on all the sneaky places you can get quarters when you’re in a pinch.

From getting quarters at the grocery store to exchanging bills at the laundromat change machine, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be armed with quarter-getting secrets that will make laundry day a breeze.

So say goodbye to the mad scramble for quarters and hello to hassle-free laundry! This comprehensive guide will teach you every trick, tip, and location for getting quarters when you need them. Just read on to become a quarter-finding master. Your laundromat woes and empty pockets will be a thing of the past.

Key Takeaways: Know Where To Get Quarters For Laundry Machines

  • Quarters are still the most widely accepted and convenient form of payment for laundry machines, so having a supply on hand is important.
  • You can exchange cash for quarters at many places – banks, grocery stores, laundromats, retail shops, arcades, vending machines, etc.
  • In a pinch, scour your home and car for spare quarters, ask friends and family, or try your luck at ATMs, hotels, and entertainment venues.
  • Save money on laundry by using loyalty programs, buying supplies in bulk, air drying clothes, washing full loads, and choosing cold water cycles.

You’ll find that quarters are essential for laundry because they are commonly used in coin-operated washing and drying machines found at laundromats and apartment buildings.

Quarters serve as a universal currency that provides a convenient and accessible payment method. They allow you to easily pay for each laundry load and use the machines without hassle.

While new payment options like prepaid cards and mobile apps are emerging, many laundry facilities still rely heavily on quarters. So it’s key to always have a stash of quarters ready for laundry day.

Quarters provide payment flexibility that apps can’t always guarantee. Having a supply on hand gives you a reliable backup payment option in case a facility’s mobile app is down.

Quarters are also great for teaching kids money skills. Letting children handle quarters allows them to grasp coin values and practice counting change. So saving up quarters in a piggy bank can be very educational.

The bottom line – quarters remain the most widely accepted form of payment at laundromats. Keeping some on hand makes doing laundry convenient and hassle-free.

Why Do Laundry Machines Still Use Quarters?

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Why Many Laundromats Still Rely on Cash Transactions

Despite new digital payment options emerging, quarters still have key advantages that keep laundromats relying on them:

  • Quartersare universally accepted, unlike some newer digital payment types that have limits.
  • Usingquartersallows customers to easily track their laundry spending.
  • Quartersprovide a simple, cash-based solution without needing technology.

There are also other reasons laundromats continue using quarters:

  • Challenges of digital payments:Laundromats may face technical difficulties or high transaction fees when implementing new digital payment systems.
  • Resistance to cashless transactions:Some customers and owners are hesitant to adopt cashless methods, preferring the simplicity of using physicalquarters.
  • Impact on unbanked population:Cashquartersensure inclusivity for those without bank accounts or cards.
  • Alternative payment methods:Laundromats may offer intermediate options likeprepaid cardsbefore fully transitioning to digital payments.

The bottom line is quarters provide a flexible, familiar payment option. Having plenty on hand keeps laundry convenient for customers and businesses alike.

Where Can I Get Quarters For Laundry?

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When you suddenly realize you need quarters for an upcoming laundry trip, here are some great places to get quarters for laundry:

  • Banks– Get rolls of quarters or use coin exchange machines
  • Grocery Stores– Ask for quarters at the customer service desk
  • Laundromats– Use on-site change machines
  • Retailers– Request quarters at customer service counters
  • Vending Machines– May dispense quarters as change
  • Friends and Family– Ask to borrow spare quarters

Accessing Quarter Machines

When it comes to obtaining quarters for laundry, quarter machines can be your go-to solution. You can locate these machines at various places such as grocery stores, laundromats, shopping malls, and gas stations.

These convenient machines allow you to exchange your dollar bills for quarters effortlessly. The process is simple: insert 1-4 bills, select the amount of quarters you need, and the machine will dispense your coins promptly.

Quarter machines are especially useful for those times when you find yourself without any quarters on laundry day. Some of these machines even provide the flexibility to choose the specific quantity of quarters you require, whether it’s a few for a single load, a bundle of 10 quarters, but an entire roll of quarters.

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Keep reading for some great ways to get a lot of quarters for laundry day.

Asking for Quarters

So what can you can you do when you don’t have any quarters and laundry day is creeping up?

If you prefer a more personal approach, don’t hesitate to ask customer service desks or cashiers directly for quarters when you make a purchase. Politely request if they can provide your change in quarters. In many cases, the staff will be more than willing to help you out by exchanging a couple of your dollar bills for the necessary quarters to complete your laundry tasks.

For a more substantial supply of quarters, consider visiting the bank and inquiring about obtaining rolls of quarters for your laundry. This way, you can ensure you have an ample amount of coins on hand to cover multiple loads of laundry.

Keeping extra quarters readily available eliminates the need to search for change before each laundry trip, making the process much smoother overall.

Tips for Getting Quarters

  • Use a $10 bill at a gas station or convenience store to get change in quarters
  • Exchange a large bill for several dollars’ worth of quarters at a bank or grocery store
  • Ask friends or family if they have quarters on hand to give you
  • Visit arcades and casinos which have change machines
  • Deposit mixed coins at bank coin counting machines to receive quarters
  • Order quarter rolls for delivery from your bank

Quarters from Friends and Family

In a true pinch, turn to friends or family members and ask if they have any quarters you could have. Offer to exchange the same amount in cash or pay them back later. They may have spare change or quarters sitting around that they don’t mind lending you.

Many people have some odd quarters at the bottom of their bag, in their car, or in a coin jar that could help you get the 40 quarters you need for laundry. Don’t be afraid to ask friends and family if they can lend you a few quarters when needed.

How Many Quarters For Laundry

Are you tired of scouring your house for quarters every time you need to do laundry? Luckily, there are several easy ways to get quarters for laundry.

I will get into the details of each way to get quarter for laundry a little further down. Feel free to scroll down if you are in a hurry.

Where is The Best Place To Get Quarters For Laundry In Your Area?

When you suddenly realize you need quarters for an upcoming laundry trip, there are numerous convenient places where you can get them. Here are the best options for scoring quarters when doing laundry:

Where You Can Get Quarters for Laundry: More Than 10 Places To Get Quarters

When you suddenly realize you need to get your quarters for an upcoming laundry trip, there are numerous options for obtaining them:

  • Banks– Get rolls of quarters from your bank teller. Many also have quarter machines that exchange loose mixed coins for quarters.
  • Grocery Stores– Ask for quarters at the customer service desk for as many quarters you need for laundry. Or ask when get hte change when checking out – ask for change in quarters.
  • Laundromats– Use the quarter machines when you need more change.
  • Retailers– Department stores, gas stations, convenience stores, etc. will exchange bills for quarters.
  • Vending Machines– Some vending machines may also dispense quarters as change. For example, some machines may still dispense quarters for parking meters. You can even use large bills for more quarters.
  • Friends and Family– Ask if they have spare quarters to lend in a pinch.

When you run out of quarters at a laundromat, simply use their change machine to convert a dollar bill into more quarters. Having a stash of quarters makes doing laundry convenient and hassle-free.

Local Banks and Credit Unions

One of the most reliable places to get quarters is your local bank or credit union. Most banks provide rolls of quarters to account holders upon request. Simply ask a teller for quarters.

Banks also often have quarter machines that let you deposit mixed coins and receive quarters in return.

Grocery Stores

The customer service desk at grocery stores is a convenient source for quarters. Stores like Walmart, Target, and Kroger can exchange bills for quarters.

Buy something small and ask the cashier for your change in quarters. Larger grocery stores tend to have enough on hand.


If you run out of quarters while doing laundry, use the change machine. Nearly every laundromat will have a quarter machine that dispenses quarters when you insert bills.

Laundromat staff may also provide quarter rolls or change if their machine is out.

Retail Stores: Convenience Stores, Gas Stations, And More

Department stores, convenience stores, drug stores, and gas stations frequently stock extra change and will exchange cash for quarters. Look for customer service desks or ask the cashier.

For example, you can get quarters at places like Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar General, and 7-Eleven.

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Vending Machines

While most vending machines give back mixed change, some do dispense quarters as well. Check vending machines at laundromats, colleges, malls, and rest stops for chances to exchange bills for quarters.

Online Sources

Some banks allow you to order quarter rolls online for delivery or pickup. You can also find third-party quarter sellers online. Only use reputable sources with verifiable contact info.


Arcades need tons of quarters to operate their games, so visiting a local arcade is a fun way to exchange cash for quarters. Most have change machines or ticket booths.

Movie Theaters

Movie theater box offices or concession stands often have change machines where you can exchange bills for quarters. The staff working there can also provide quarters in exchange for cash, especially the customer service desk.

Movie theaters need plenty of quarters to operate snack vending machines, so they are well equipped to provide change. When you’re out and about and realize you need quarters for an upcoming laundry day, swing by the movie theater for convenient access.

Bowling Alleys

Bowling alleys frequently have change machines right by the arcade or front desk, making it easy to exchange cash for quarters on the spot. The staff at the bowling alley front counter can also provide quarters in exchange for bills.

They need to keep rolls of quarters on hand for customers to operate locker rentals, arcade games, vending machines, and more. If you find yourself needing quarters while out for a bowling night, grab them right there.

Local Businesses

Some local businesses like arcades and mini golf courses have change machines or staff who can informally exchange cash for quarters. These types of entertainment venues need quarters on hand for their games and equipment rentals, so they are often willing to provide some in exchange for bills.

You can also try convenience stores, gas stations, and other local shops. Many are cash based and will gladly exchange a few dollars for quarters when asked politely.


Casinos need tons of quarters for patrons to use in their slot machines and arcade areas. Most casinos still have coin exchange machines and customer service desks where you can exchange cash directly for quarters.

While casinos might not be somewhere you frequent just for laundry purposes, it’s good to know you can grab quarters there if needed when visiting. Even Las Vegas strip hotels have change machines in their lobbies.

Ask Friends or Family

In a pinch, don’t forget that asking trusted friends or family members if they have any spare quarters on hand can provide you with the coins you need. While they may not always have extra quarters available, it never hurts to ask.

Offer to exchange equivalent cash or pay them back to make it easy for them to help you out.

Piggy Banks

Take inventory of any spare change collecting dust in jars or piggy banks at home. You can sort through and pick out the quarters when you are running low. Piggy banks are also great for setting aside quarters on an ongoing basis so you build up a handy laundry fund over time.

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When You Need To Get a Roll of Quarters Fast

When you suddenly need quarters for laundry, try these ideas:

  • Ask friends or family if they have quarters to spare
  • Search car floors and bins for any loose quarters
  • Exchange smaller bills for quarters at meters, machines, etc.
  • Use a credit card at laundromats that accept them
  • See if any local ATM machines dispense quarters
  • Visit hotels and entertainment venues with change machines

Having quarters on hand saves time and hassle. Stock up whenever possible so you’re prepared.

Saving Money on Laundry

Doing laundry with quarters can add up cost-wise. Here are some tips to save money at the laundromat:

  • Use loyalty programs for free laundry rewards
  • Buy supplies in bulk to save compared to travel-sized
  • Air dry clothing when possible to avoid dryer costs
  • Only wash full loads to maximize each wash cycle
  • Wash clothes in cold water to save on utility bills

Alternatives to Using Quarters

While most coin-operated laundry machines rely on quarters, some other payment options are also emerging:

  • Prepaid laundry cards – Many laundromats now offer reloadable cards to pay for machines.
  • Mobile payments – Newer tech enables paying for laundry via smartphone.
  • Credit/debit card readers – Allow card payment at laundry machines, sometimes with fees.

However, quarters are still the most widely accepted and convenient way to pay for laundry.

Beware of Scams and Fraud When Obtaining Coins for Laundry

In the pursuit of finding coins for your laundry needs, it’s important to navigate the process with caution, as scams and fraudulent activities can pose significant risks. Let’s delve into the potential pitfalls and offer guidance on how to steer clear of scams when acquiring coins:

Online Purchase Scams

Are you considering purchasing quarters online for your laundry endeavors? While the convenience of online transactions is enticing, it’s paramount to exercise vigilance to ensure your safety and the legitimacy of your sources.

Identifying Legitimate Sources: Where To Buy Quarters Online For Laundry?

When seeking to buy quarters online for your laundry requirements, it’s wise to turn to trustworthy entities like banks and credit unions. These established institutions offer secure transactions that mitigate the risk of scams in your coin acquisition process.

However, as tempting as online purchases may be, a word of caution is essential. Always verify the authenticity of the website or seller before proceeding with any transaction to prevent falling victim to deceptive schemes.

Fake Quarters For Laundry

While the topic of fake or counterfeit coins may arise, it’s crucial to emphasize that counterfeiting coins is both unlawful and unethical. Counterfeit coins not only disrupt the economy but also carry legal consequences. Instead of delving into the realm of fake quarters, focus on honing your ability to detect counterfeit coins to safeguard against potential scams.

Recognizing Fake or Counterfeit Coins

Shielding yourself from quarters-related fraud begins with the ability to spot fake or counterfeit coins. Here are key indicators to keep in mind:

  1. Texture: Authentic coins exhibit intricate textures, while counterfeit versions might feel unnaturally smooth or inconsistently textured.
  2. Weight: Genuine coins adhere to specific weight standards, making counterfeit replication challenging. Compare the weight of suspected fake coins with certified ones using a scale.
  3. Appearance: Scrutinize design inconsistencies, such as blurred edges or improper fonts. Additionally, consider wear and tear consistent with the coin’s age.

By staying vigilant and informed about these cues, you can protect yourself from coin-related fraud and ensure your laundry transactions involve genuine currency.

Key Takeaways

  • Having quarters allows you to easily access laundromat and apartment laundry facilities. While digital payments are increasing, most machines still rely on quarters.
  • You can exchange cash for quarters at local banks, grocery stores, laundromats, retail shops, vending machines, and more. In a pinch, ask friends and family or scour your home and car for loose change.
  • Planning ahead and using all options available will ensure you can conveniently get quarters whenever you need them for laundry.

Next Steps To Finding Coins For Laundry

In the pursuit of a seamless laundry routine, the vexing hunt for quarters need no longer be a concern. This article has guided you through the art of smart coin acquisition, while embracing convenience and safeguarding against fraud. As the landscape of laundry transactions evolves, remember the importance of vigilance and staying informed.

From local banks to innovative cashless laundromats, a world of convenience awaits. Ensure your security by monitoring transactions and being cautious of counterfeit coins. Embrace digital alternatives like mobile apps for added convenience and safety.

With these insights, your laundry endeavors can be efficient and stress-free. As you face each laundry cycle, remember this guide’s wisdom and stride confidently into a future of ease and assurance.

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Note: The content provided in this article is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or legal advice. Consult with a professional advisor or accountant for personalized guidance.

As an expert in personal finance and laundry management, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. My expertise extends to various aspects of obtaining quarters for laundry, including practical tips, strategic locations, and an in-depth understanding of why quarters remain a crucial currency in the laundry industry. Allow me to demonstrate my proficiency by dissecting the key concepts presented in the article.

Practical Tips for Getting Quarters:

  1. Banks:

    • Obtain rolls of quarters or use coin exchange machines.
  2. Grocery Stores:

    • Ask for quarters at the customer service desk or request change when checking out.
  3. Laundromats:

    • Utilize on-site change machines.
  4. Retailers:

    • Request quarters at customer service counters.
  5. Vending Machines:

    • Some vending machines may dispense quarters as change.
  6. Friends and Family:

    • Ask to borrow spare quarters.
  7. Accessing Quarter Machines:

    • Locate quarter machines at grocery stores, laundromats, shopping malls, and gas stations.

Importance of Quarters in Laundry:

  • Universal Acceptance:

    • Quarters are widely accepted and convenient for laundry machines.
  • Payment Flexibility:

    • Quarters offer payment flexibility that apps can't guarantee, serving as a reliable backup option.
  • Educational Value:

    • Quarters are great for teaching kids money skills, allowing them to grasp coin values and practice counting change.

Why Laundry Machines Still Use Quarters:

  • Universally Accepted:

    • Quarters are universally accepted, unlike some newer digital payment types.
  • Simplicity and Tracking:

    • Quarters provide a simple, cash-based solution and allow customers to easily track their laundry spending.
  • Challenges of Digital Payments:

    • Laundromats may face technical difficulties or high transaction fees with new digital payment systems.

Where to Get Quarters:

  1. Banks and Credit Unions:

    • Reliable sources for obtaining rolls of quarters.
  2. Grocery Stores:

    • Customer service desks can exchange bills for quarters.
  3. Laundromats:

    • Change machines are available for obtaining quarters.
  4. Retail Stores:

    • Department stores, gas stations, and convenience stores exchange bills for quarters.
  5. Vending Machines:

    • Some vending machines may dispense quarters as change.
  6. Friends and Family:

    • Trusted individuals may have spare quarters to lend.

Additional Insights:

  • Tips for Getting Quarters:

    • Use a $10 bill at gas stations, exchange large bills at banks or grocery stores, and ask friends or family.
  • Saving Money on Laundry:

    • Tips include using loyalty programs, buying supplies in bulk, and air drying clothes.
  • Alternatives to Using Quarters:

    • Prepaid laundry cards, mobile payments, and credit/debit card readers are emerging alternatives.

Beware of Scams and Fraud:

  • Online Purchase Scams:

    • Caution against purchasing quarters online and recommend turning to trustworthy sources like banks.
  • Fake Quarters:

    • Emphasize that counterfeiting coins is illegal and provide indicators for recognizing fake or counterfeit coins.

Key Takeaways:

  • Quarters Remain Essential:

    • Despite emerging payment options, quarters are still the most widely accepted form of payment at laundromats.
  • Vigilance Against Scams:

    • Encourage caution when obtaining coins, especially online, and provide guidance on identifying scams.

In conclusion, this comprehensive guide equips readers with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the world of obtaining quarters for laundry effectively and securely.

Where To Get Quarters For Laundry Near Me? 11 Easy Ways To Get Quarters (2024)
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